Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Dogs Pack is live!

To all you dog persons, dog lovers, and dog owners to be ... I present to you my "Dogs" collection of ebooks!

Are you a dog person?
Looking for more activities to have with your dog?
Or may be you’d like to find more ways to pamper your dog?
Or may be you’re new to the world of dogs and you want some beginner’s guide?

You might have more reasons your own, but one thing for sure; this collection of books and documents will help you, or at least give you new ideas and information.

Here are the titles that you will find in this collection (all PDF within a zipped folder):

  • Dog owner’s delight
  • Dog training basics
  • Pamper your dog (Recipes for dog treats, biscuits, birthday cakes, and more)
  • Dog basics for newbies
  • How to build a dog house
  • How to house train any dog
  • How to stop dog barking

Of course, these documents are not meant to replace an expert’s advice, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of helpful information, ideas, tips, and guides. 

I addition to this pack I have a “Pets Pack” which includes the titles in this pack and more (see the rest of my products also).

I also want to mention that I have the legal rights to sell those books; so you are not getting any illegal copy or something. I always operate according to the law.

So go ahead, order my dogs pack and enjoy! 

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