Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Definition of Sarcasm

Do you Agree with this definition of "Sarcasm" ?


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Positive In, Negative OUT!

Women and Men Again!

Do you Think that Men are stupid, and that Women are crazy??!

See what George Carlin has to say about it here:


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A Good Egg

A true Friend will see you as a Good Egg??!


Believe In Your Dreams and Their Beauty

Food Fun Part Three : Melons!

The Best in the Three "Food Fun" Posts!

This time with Melons!


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Food Fun Part Two : Chicken and Eggs.

More Food Fun!
This Time with Chicken and Eggs:


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Food Fun: Cup Cakes

Enjoy a sample of this Cup Cake Art:

(From SikiBiki ).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Wise Guy Student

I really Enjoyed This one!

Read this student answers, and just laugh!

(From Have a Break Blog):


Have a Beautiful Friday

Good Relationships Don't Just Happen!

The ones who love you.

This Post should be called "the ones who REALLY love you", don't you think?

(From Pics With Words )


Never Lie to the ones who love you.

A golden rule to live by, never disappoint the people who care for you.

(From Pics With Words )


A world for a person

We all need a person that will mean the world to us, and we mean the world to them!

(From Pics With Words ):