Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Angry Birds Dress

I just posted this on "Have a Break!" blog. I loved the idea :)


Pics with words 2

Pics with Words

Quotes About Failure

A sum of amazing quotes about failure and how to learn from it:


من اجمل ما قال المشاهير عن الفشل (انظر الرابط اعلاه).

Virtual Worker

A new post in Arabic about the famous freelance job site vWorker. check it out here:


العامل الافتراضي : موقع جميل للعمل الحر , يمكن معرفة المزيد من الرابط اعلاه.

Make Use Of

Check out this website that has really cool tips, ideas, news, and resources in the technical life:


(From my technical blog Tech Fountains)

Playing with the moon

awesome pictures of people having fun with the moon.
Check it out on my "Have a Break!" blog: